Simon Benepe Photo Journal March 2013




By Stacie Flint at the Woodstock Artists Association, March 1st 2013




Madonna and Child, by Christine Hales,

Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, March 1st 2013





Peacocks, Forsyth Nature Center, Kingston, Ulster County NY, March 2nd 2013





Coral,  A Microscopic Filter Feeder, Residing In The Gulf of Mexico

by Christy Rupp, On Display At The Woodstock Guild, March 1st 2013





Ashokan Reservoir, Ulster County NY, March 4th 2013




Ashokan Reservoir, March 4th 2013





Shiva, At Mirabai In Woodstock NY, March 4th 2013





Adam's Garden Show, Ulster County, March 5th, 2013





Adam's Garden Show, March 5th, 2013





Adam's Garden Show, March 5th 2013





St Patrick's Day Parade, Kingston, Ulster County NY, March 10th 2013






Zena to Big Deep Trail, Woodstock NY, March 11th 2013 





Comau Trail, Woodstock, Ulster County NY, March 18th 2013  





Crocuses, Saugerties, Ulster County NY, March 23rd 2013






Sky Over Uptown, Kingston, Ulster County NY, March 27th 2013 





Herzog's Greenhouse, Uptown Kingston, Ulster County NY, March 29th 2013  






Woodstock Green, Ulster County NY, March 29th 2013  








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